It's 5:26am and I'm up revisiting my past. Weird. I haven't been on this thing in so long. And so much has happened…

P.S. I'm up because I have gas.

No one said it was going to be easy

So I've began my second semester at WSU, but not without difficulties. It turns out I'm still on academic probation. Many years ago, I attended college, and in the arrogance of youth, got bored and distracted. Because of this, I earned, and I mean earned several F's and lost my government aid. Unable to pay for classes I hit the eject button and propelled myself into the wonderful world of working without a college education. But now I'm back at it, not because it's what's expected of me, but because I want to finish. So this time will be different. It's just taking some time to get righted after my fall.

Old Spooky

So here is the second Jack-o-lantern we've ever carved. We used another template and it looks pretty awesome. The smaller parts were kind of hard to slice out though. Some of them I just left, hence the tiny dots. Whatever, it still rocks harder than your mom. Boo...

And We're Back!

After over a decade, I've returned to college. It seems like I've tried everything I can think of to avoid it, but at last, it has found me. I think the hardest part so far has been fielding the constant question "what are you going for?" I have no idea. Part of me is leaning towards my major when I ejected myself last time. And in fact my student status still shows the College of Fine Arts. The other part of me says "quit yer daydreamn' dummy and do sumthin' you can make munny doin'!" To that I respond" I already made "munny" taking some pictures and I plan to continue when ever possible. So there. Maybe I'll post some of the wedding pictures I took later. Or maybe I'll forget I even have a blog again and not post for several months. Either way it'll be fun.

Drunk Text Messaging From Mexico

2:29 PM- "Im drunk"
2:34pm- "Hey im drunk"

Sarah decided that she would make Becky's thirtieth birthday wish come true- spending the day on a Mexican beach having drinks by the ocean. Sarah made all the preparations and sprung it on her on Christmas. Check it out, she thought she was getting a sushi cookbook for her present:

But no, Sarah had hidden the paperwork for the resort they would be staying at in the book. Ha! She'd never look in there...
But after pretending to like the book she began to flip through it and I was waiting with ready camera to catch the moment of realization:

Nope, wait for it...

Yep, there it is.

The girls flew out Thursday and as of now are on their flight back. Happy Birthday Becky!

New Tool

From a 2mega pixel Kodak Easyshare that I bought from Nate for five bucks to a 10 Nikon D3000. Merry Christmas from Sarah. This should be fun.

Song that's stuck in my head 11/07/09

Only A Northern Song by the Beatles. Yesterday morning it was The Hero from Flash Gordon by Queen.


Yay, my very first Jack-o-lantern! I've never carved one before. I used a template for the face and I'd say it turned out pretty good. At the very least I know I can follow directions. Take that Ichabod!

New people next door

Goddamnit. Here's to hoping they are quiet (knocks on wood).

The Weddingmoon

It's funny; usually I don't update because nothing really interesting has happened. But now, so much has and I don't know where to begin. I guess I'll start at the beginning and when I get to the end, I'll stop. As you may or may not have know, my fiancee and I were recently married. We decided to shake the dust of this town from our feet and hit the open sea. We boarded a Carnival cruise ship with just our immediate family and sailed to the east Caribbean. Ahhhh.... Just what we needed. It was such a good time. And the best part was that the people we care the most for were there with us. Our first stop- Nassau. Exactly what you would expect of the Bahamas. We didn't get much time to visit so we made our way to the beach to take a quick dip in the ocean. Oh, by the way, it was hot. And at one point, when we finally reached the beach, there was a dumpster we had to walk past. And if you can imagine what hot garbage smells like wafting through the afternoon sun- Balarf! But that was only for a moment; I just remember vividly how it smelled, uhg. The beach was beautiful though. Until. Until the giant sea monster appeared and began destroying the city! I was unable to assist, as I was knocked unconscious by debris while pushing terror-paralyzed tourist out of harm's way. But Sarah knew what to do! She went straight for it, landing blow after fish-jelly jiggling blow! Finally it relented, giving everyone time to escape, but not before landing a blow of it's own across Sarah's foot.

We boarded the ship and made a hasty getaway...

Ok, maybe not so speedy. But regardless, we were safe. I can imagine the face you're making. Ok, Ok, the real story is that we were swimming and Sarah got stung by a jellyfish. There. Are you happy? Personally, I liked the other story better. We hit the ocean again for a day at sea. Side note- being from Kansas, I've never seen blue water before. The river and lakes here are brown, and even the Pacific I've seen while visiting California was green. Never any blue until now. And damn if it wasn't BLUE. No photo editing; it really was this blue.Obviously I was enamoured with the color of the water. But that wasn't all. Michael and I also spotted flying fish while sitting out on the balcony. And even Jubei, the Ninja Bear that always stows away on our trips, got into the action:

How does he always get into our suitcases? Damn ninjas...

I think he enjoyed the balcony as much as I did. After dinner and before bed, I grabbed my ipod and made my way to the balcony after it was dark. It was eerie and awesome, all at the same time. I sat outside for hours and watched the boat pass a small island and a few tankers in the dark. White seabirds were illuminated against the black sky by the lighting of out boat. It was great.

Eventually, we found our way to our destination: St Thomas. This is where Sarah and I had been planning for a year to get married. And it didn't disappoint.It was a beautiful ceremony, and we were were able to keep it light hearted, which is what we wanted. *

It was perfect.And then we came home, that's it, end of story.

Ok, that wasn't all. We also stopped in St Maarten the next day. We booked an excursion aboard a catamaran and went out into the ocean. I was aware there would be snorkeling, but not out in the ocean. OK, first off, I've only ever swam in swimming pools. Having said that, I'm also not a very strong swimmer. In fact, I wouldn't even say I can swim. But nonetheless, I decided I would try. And try I did. It was one of the most terrifying events of my life. But I did it. After that harrowing experience, we pulled anchor and cruised around the island to the French side. And yes, there were boobies. Everyone, youngsters and oldies, men and women, were checking them out. But what would you honestly expect? Clothing optional = bugging eyes and wagging tongues. Well, most of the time. I also forgot to mention that when we dropped anchor, we were still in about fifteen feet of water. Experienced swimmers may not bat an eyelash at that but keep in mind that I am not experienced and fifteen feet of water to me is an abyss. So I began my swim to shore, with only a noodle to keep me afloat. I swam, doggy-paddled and drifted for what seemed like an eternity. I began to get scared that I would never make it as waves continuously pushed me further from where I wanted to land. Every few moments as I closed on the beach, my foot would swipe the sand and I would think I was in water I could stand in. But when I would try to put my feet down, the land I was so desperately trying to cling to disappeared. But I fought on, and was rewarded with the joy of continuing to live and a view of well enhanced chesticles (I hate that word, but it sounds funny). I didn't make the swim back. I jumped in the little boat and rode back without any shame. I can flip and do handstands and generally roll and jump around but swimming is still something I'll have to work on. After that it was just a cruise back to the dock. You may be wondering about all this I, I, I and where Sarah was in all this: Out of the sun. With such porcelain skin, she can't handle the sun's abuse the way my black ass can. It got to the point that not only hers, but also everyone else's sun screen she tried to use burned her face. So while we were having a great time on the deck, trying to stand up while the boat was hitting large waves, she was down below, enjoying the nauseating roll of the ocean. She did get to swim at the beach though, at which point we pointed out the fake boobs and commented on how well they performed against gravity.

After the islands, we sailed the rest of the way home. Well not literally home. But while at sea we did get a taste of home. A good, ol' fashioned thunderstorm. And of course, as with all other situations that should require a camera, mine was safely downstairs in our room. I did manage to get a few shots after we had come out the other side.

What was so great and terrible about it was that it was right on top of us. It was like you could just reach your hand up and touch the clouds. Or get struck by lightning, whichever comes first.
This was a great experience. We got to go on a cruise with our family, see distant islands and their people, eat non-stop (and I mean non-stop. Anyone else up for another slice of pizza?) not to mention eat food like lobster, sushi, salmon and duck; Sarah also tried lamb, all in the same week, see an illusionist that Gob Bluth could have been inspired by, laugh at a couple of hilarious comedians, watch a magician, survive the wildlife and natural wonders of a foreign land, ogle boobs, watch the people above us feed the seagulls from their balcony and start a feeding frenzy (mine, mine!) and watch the sun come up over the Atlantic (or Caribbean Sea, whichever).

But best of all, this:*Then we came home and rocked the party with our reception we held this past weekend. I think we were a little disappointed with the attendance, not so much as the people that showed but with how many left after the dinner. But that's cool and not unexpected. The people that needed to stay for the dancing did, and worked it out! It was a nice little dance party, and even though nobody did the worm, there was plenty of the running man, courtesy of myself. But once again, the camera is MIA, so no pictures... again. So I'll leave you with this last one on the trip:

* Starred pictures courtesy of Weddings The Island Way

Death Of A Death Salesman

I can't believe the attention we are getting from Dr Tillers murder. But, then again, I guess I can considering he was one of a few who performed those types of abortions. Sarah was really pissed about it, but I have to admit, despite my heartfelt condolences for his family, I'm rather indifferent. I'm upset about when and where he was murdered but I'm not surprised it happened. It was bound to. With an issue like abortion, there are God fanatics that think they wield the sword of the Lord and that it is theirs to use at their discretion. I don't know if his murderer is one of these people, but there tend to be more than few in these parts. Like the dickhead so-called-reverend Phelps. Him and his whole psycho-fanatic brood are a prime example of the bible beating white supremacist sibling fucking go back to Africa nigger the Jews killed Jesus Mexicans are taking all our jobs damn Chinks can't drive for shit hicks that inhabit Kansas. And Dr Tiller should have know that practicing his profession in a place like this painted a big red target on his ass. I'm not saying it was his fault and that his murder was inevitable or justifiable. It's a shame that he could not practice without the fear of reprisal, but I'm sure he had to have known the risk. I'm just saying, you wouldn't walk through Crip territory with a red flag in your right pocket. But either way, regardless of what you believe, his sins are between him and God now. I was reading The Crow by James O'Barr the other day. And he summed up how I feel about his murder, the murders he committed and this whole abortion debate nonsense. "There is more than one way to purify the soul... There is absolution and redemption, salvation and a means to an end. And if some of these axioms are of opposing polarities there is, at least, some consolation in the fact that they have a common ground." Amen.

I just commented on this blog I found while surfing Dr Tiller's death.

If only you knew...

How long I've been waiting for this...

Whatever Is In My Hand...

Lots of time on a Saturday spent under snow. I was supposed to work today but they sent us home early yesterday and cancelled work today. Gotta love that Kansas weather. Trees are blooming and insects are starting to pester us, but just at the end of March winter has it's revenge. One last swipe with it's dying breath. So what to do with an extra day? Play dress up and snap some photos of course!

It was more fun than I would have imagined, framing up shots and trying to think up poses that might look cool. But don't believe the hype. I'm nowhere near as cool as I hope I might appear in these pictures. But either way, like I said on my art page" Whatever is in my hand, works". I used the 2.0 megapixel camera I bought from Nate for five bucks and then did the touch-ups in Photoshop elements 2.0 (the same one that came with my computer). Weak programs and outdated equipment can't stop me when I'm on a roll.
You can view the rest of the pics here.




I thought I would celebrate Fat Tuesday with some junk food and after receiving my food in the drive-thru I tried to roll up my window. I noticed the sound of the window motor reving but for some reason it never emerged from the door. Then came the klank... At this moment my window is still down. I called a couple of auto repair shops but unforunately it was too late in the day and the earliest anyone could get to it is in the morning. Fucked.

The Golden Years

I love how scared those kids are. It's like the photographers brought the kids in and let them believe they were actually going to play the game. If you remember the sheer glee that emanated from teenage boys when combat was spelled with a "K", you'll probably get an idea of how excited they must have been. And then this happened. I can't believe this is a staged photo. I bet they really believed Raiden and Kano jumped out of that cabinet and that their days were over. Fatality! But really they just wanted to tell them that in the future, they will be so ashamed that they allowed themselves to be photographed in those shorts. Damn, talk about a blast from the past. I can't hate though...
Oh! You are so busted! Damn...


She asked me who it was supposed to be... I hate art.

Youtube Ninjas

I saw this post in my drafts and forgot I even ranted to myself about it. Here it is in all it's random, pointless glory.

I tried to post this on Youtube after watching a video by a guy dressed up as a ninja. It was more interesting though to read the comments. I love all the kids replying to this video. "You're not a ninja because I am"? Come on. Just because you played some ninja games and saw some movies, doesn't make you a ninja. Ninja were government spies and if you really were a ninja, you wouldn't tell people. Or waste your time on Youtube. It's just a dumb video with some Aussie bloke having a laugh. Laugh at it or move on. Everyone's a fucking unqualified, ignorant critic. Especially grade school kids on Youtube. Go back to singing over crappy techno songs in front of your web cam. Boo!

My Neighbors Are Assholes...

Since I've been spotty on this whole posting thing, many (hah!) that read this may not know about the noise problem Sarah and I have been having with our neighbors. We have been in this apartment since March and ever since, it has been a battle to not have to hear their music. Even at the time of writing this, All I can hear is it beating throughout every room in the apartment. I even took the laundry downstairs and in the cement room with the air conditioner running, I can hear it. I have called his number to let him know once again it's too loud and have left a message with the office, even though they won't do anything. It all came to a head about two months ago, when after much pestering of the office an eviction notice was sent. Now get this; because our neighbors thought it was unfair that they were being evicted, despite the fact that the office had sent them several notices to shut the fuck up and Sarah and I letting them know on several occasions they were disturbing us, they went and complained that it was unfair. That it was unfair? So the office manager, after having come to our apartment, hearing the noise for herself and expressing her displeasure, told them that she would speak with corporate. And what happened? They responded that as long as they were not disturbing the peace, i.e. having the police called, they could not evict them. Never mind that fact that they are disturbing our peace and quality of living. We have had to leave the house before because we could not sit in our living room and watch TV. We even tried to knock on their door to let them know and of course, no one answered. And after all that, I believe that since they know they cannot be evicted, they do not feel the need to even try and be quiet. The fucked up part in all of this is that because they have two young children and we have some sense of decency, we feel as though we need to watch our noise level because we do not want to disturb our neighbors on either side. I fail to understand that after several confrontations and even an agreement between the male individual and I, they still do not feel the need to extend to us that same courtesy. And we have till March before our lease is up. So, I'm at the point of looking at taking legal action against the apartment complex. We have a neighbor that is being disruptive and they are failing to take any action against them.

Someone! Help Me!

It's got me. I posted a very long time ago that I was playing my old Playstation games. But then it happened... Sarah bought me an Xbox 360. Now my life is being rapidly sucked away! I can't tear myself away from it. I'm rocking Gears of War on insane mode and I don't care that I get blown up every few seconds. It's just that beautiful. You know that short on Robot Chicken with the TiVo? That's what's happening to me. Love you, Xbox...

Sucka MC's

New pictures up. Check the art page. And yo teeth.

And A New Quest Begins...

I finished Thousand Arms a bit ago and now have started on Legend Of Legaia. I have a list of games on the Playstation that I'm trying to catch up on. I figured I shouldn't purchase more games until I've beat the ones collecting dust on my shelves. After those, I figured I'd go through the rest of my games and try and get as close to complete as possible. A long and fruitless road ahead. But I like games. Nuff said.

America Bleeds America Dry

Observation. The prices of everything goes up. The jobs no longer exist. The masses are no longer educated and only concern themselves with their hedonistic desires. What happens to such a culture? History tends to dictate the future, or so it seems. I, myself, drive a car that consumes premium gas, despite the fact that it rose to $3.89 today. I work for a company where 2/3 of the customer service has been outsourced. I dropped out of college but I sure am going to play Thousand Arms tonight. Man, I love that game... What's wrong with us?

Neglectful again...

I always forget to update this thing. I still don't know if anyone reads it other than Sarah. But either way, here it goes. I'm tired of doing recaps so I'm just going to try and post my day to day events on a regular basis. I called in sick yesterday to work. I took a nice long nap and eventually felt a little better. I wondered around the house most the day and eventually picked up the camera. I loved the light yesterday because of the thunderstorms passing through and managed to click off a few.

Now if only I can keep this update thing going. Maybe I'll get a chance to post more like this one:
I think it'll look cool once I clean it up.
I'd also like to give a shot out to Sarah, who is 111 days smoke free! Keep up the good work champ.

The Cat Without Chicken

We were eating some KFC and Murdock wanted some. I told her to beat it and she pouted the rest of the night. She looked so pitiful and rejected because she couldn't have any. So I laughed at her and took this picture which does not do the situation justice. Hence forth "Mud-duck" shall forever be know as

"The Cat Without Chicken"!!!

Can I get some revervb on that so it sounds really gigantic? No, we can't afford reverb? Well what kind of outfit are you running here? That's it, I can't work like this. No I don't care, you'll just have to get someone else. I'm done with the abuse and the shoddy production. (door closes)

A Smokeless Fortnight

Today marks the 14th day of Sarah being smoke-free. Everyone give her a hand. If she wanted to, she could even kick heroine, seeing as nicotine is supposedly more addictive. Lets just hope it never comes to that.

Facebook is starting to piss me off.

All the seemingly fun applications require you to add 20 friends and every little quiz that pops up lets you progress halfway through it before asking you for a bunch of personal information and an email address. I just wanted a dumb little distraction and here I am giving away my privacy so they can clog my inbox with more spam. Fucking nazis. Besides, I only have 19 friends. Douches.

While I was away

This is going to be a long one so you might want to get some snacks. Thousands of years ago, there was a boy who typed a post with crinkled hands; many were killed and there was much defecating. Okay, so I'm a little behind with my posting. I figured I'd start with our departure from our last apartment. The original game plan was for Sarah and I to find an apartment in Emporia so she could attend the Psychology master's program there. In an effort to save some cash-olla, her mother suggested we move home for the few summer months until we were prepared to move. In June, Sarah was given an opportunity to travel to Liverpool for three weeks and study. Obviously it wasn't all work as here she is with friends Elisa ad Holly aboard the Magical Mystery Tour Bus. That movie is F'ed up, by the way. While she was away I discovered a little game named Guitar Hero. And now I'm a rocker, hard core. Can you imagine me in Sarah's mother's basement with my little plastic guitar rocking out to John The Fisherman? Yeah... Pretty sad. And I don't care; that game is fun. Well, she returned and life went on as usual. I had a bit of an itch to return to school and enrolled in the carpentry program at the Wichita Area Technical College. Sarah began commuting to Emporia three times a week. Happy to be doing something with my hands, I set out to learn a trade. During this semester I learned to frame a house.
I also learned the sweet pain of hammering my fingers, working in the blistering heat and being brained by a piece of scaffolding. The hardest part though had to be the hours. Up at 6:30am and at school and work till 8:00pm five days a week with ten hour Saturdays at work for the first eight weeks. Ungodly, but I fought my way through. The suck part about it though is that I had to fight with my job in order to be able to cut my hours so drastically so I could attend the classes. But of course, the school decides to change the schedule and now I am unable to return to the program because even if my job would allow me to cut my hours even more, I would lose my benefits. And what good would it do to take a construction course without any heath insurance? Imagine if I really got hurt. So the school itself kind of screwed me out of returning. I really wanted to attend this portion because we would have been focusing on interiors and that is what I really wanted to learn. I could return in the fall maybe but we would begin on a new house and then I would just learn the same thing over. Pointless. But that was the school front for me. Sarah made hour long runs to and from Emporia to attend her classes three times a week. She also took on a temporary secretarial position with her Trio program directors. But they fired her because of her sass-back. Not really.
There were also many huge changes, such as both my sisters moving to California and two of my friends getting married.
Kelly and Megan tied the knot and we all gasped at the idea that there was a girl that finally did not run from Kelly. She seems to understand his dumbass, which is really awesome. We wish them all the best. Except Mark, who went a little crazy from all the sugar intake at the reception. He's got the crazy eyes. Good times.
Todd got married too but under the radar. We still have yet to meet her. I also have yet to kick his ass at some Virtua Fighter too. What foo!
Christmas just kind of came and went. My mother and Christina left half way though the day to stake out some prime real estate for the the big move. I received some boss gifts and even snagged some fun pictures:

I caught this picture of Murdock in her titanic battle with a box that seem determined to devour her. Fight Murdock, Fight! To The death! To The Bloody End!

Sarah's father has an ongoing war with his daughters to see who can give the worst gift. I'm not sure but I think I may have been drafted. This picture just screams Rex-Kwon-Do.

I love the face I'm making in this picture. It's so bad. You can just see the wisdom of a man in it.
We just returned from California on Sunday. We moved Emily and Christina there this last week. Emily will work at a flagship Borders store and Christina will attend a Masters program at a college that I don't remember it's name. But it's what she's been looking forward to for some time now, and I'm glad she's pursuing it headfirst. Kinda sucks to be without both siblings though.
Just one was bad enough but now both. But I'm happy for them all the same. We drove up to Chicago to load Emily's shit up and turned around and came back the next day. Ten hour drive both ways, ugh. But I got to see Southside Chicago, which doesn't appear too often in movies and TV shows. Wow. But even still, it was pretty cool. We arrived pretty early so we finished up packing, visited Mike and Ryan and crashed for the night. I finally met her boyfriend Charles, who was pretty cool. The next morning we loaded up and moved on out.
Gross weather all the way home. Parts of Iowa had fog so thick you could barely see in front of you. It was like driving though Silent Hill, the fog was so thick. Creepy. We got home Monday night, rested and loaded Christina's stuff on Tuesday and left first thing Wednesday.

Ahh, road trips. Big, yellow moving trucks, fast food, and scary hotel rooms. Always up for a good road trip. The trip home was the best part though. We had to make three connecting flights in one day. We had to fly to Los Angeles from San Francisco first. Having only flown before 9/11 I had no idea about the security procedures. Our flight from San Francisco to LA was delayed 45 minutes. We only had an hour layover, so Sarah and I were a little concerned but stayed cool. That is until we landed at LAX. The Terminal they dropped us at was on the opposite side of where we needed to be. We wondered for a while looking for a way to get to it as precious seconds passed by. We finally asked for directions and were told we need to catch a shuttle, which we did. But once again, time was stolen as we had to pass through security a second time. We had to literally run to the gate and when we arrived and boarded, we found we were the last ones to make it. We couldn't sit together and I ended up between two "earthly" smelling men who slept the whole fight. But at least they didn't talk across me. I hate that. We landed in Phoenix on time and had plenty of time to grab a small pizza and some drinks and board our last flight to Wichita. Upon arriving though, we found out the hard way once again that nothing can ever be so simple.

We waited at the baggage claim, watching the same suitcases go around and around, without ever seeing our own. We checked with the front desk and were told they never made it from Phoenix. We had to go to Wal-Mart at 12am to get new toothbrushes and deodorant for the following work day.

And here we are now, with the biggest news. I finally did the right thing and asked Sarah to marry me. After five years. Oh, yeah, and she said yes... who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their lives with this guy...


Random post #271

When playing the first Max Payne, when you get into the elevator with the bad music, shoot the speaker. Max will thank you for it.

Tis the season, already

Is it wrong that whenever I see Christmas crap before the end of October, I feel the need to set it on fire?

It's My Cat In A Box

Not gonna get you a diamond ring; that type of gift don't mean anything. Here's a picture before we moved. I had posted a picture previously of Stinkbutt McJones sleeping in the rubble of his former box. After he had dismantled it, we found him another while buying booze at our local retailer. He liked this one even more. I only have one thing to say about sleeping in a box. "Get a job, Grouch."

There Goes The Neighborhood

Back on the scene, crispy and clean. That's from Blacksheep. The rap group. A long time ago. We have internet access again. At home, which means I won't get busted by the man again at work. Lots of crap has happened but I'm too lazy to write it now. Besides, I have to get back to the sweet embrace of the crypt; But I'll be back!

London Calling

We are about a week and a half into Sarah's trip to Liverpool. She is studying abroad and in the meantime I'm falling apart. I guess I could give a brief rundown of the events leading to Now Leaving Wichita, The Movie. We are moving to Emporia in August so Sarah can attend a Master's program. Since our lease was up in May, we have relocated to her mother's house. I kinda feel like the creepy 30 year old loser living in my mother's basement, but in my defense her mother offered and we just couldn't justify keeping our apartment for a $150 rent increase to go month by month for two months. But also in the quest to save money, we have also had to go without Internet. I'm typing this from my parents house and the dial up is a lit slower than I'm used to. So there is the reason for no updates. I'll try and keep up but it's still going to be slim pickings if you really have to know what's happening in my so called life. I've barricaded myself in our room until Sarah returns. I figure I have enough games to last me the duration. I recently beat God Of War which was awesome. It was like playing 300. The production was great. Well either way, there are still others to defeat and plenty of time to complete them until "turn that shit off!" is reintroduced. But in all fairness, I can't wait till she returns and look forward to it everyday, Yeah. (that's for you, Sarah)

Take That Dean Bitterman

So after years of exploding bra bombs and clipping the dean with her vehicle, Sarah graduated from Wichita State yesterday. It was a joyous occasion with very little streaking for a change. Now it's off to graduate school where she will ponder the greatest mysteries purposed to man. And while she does that, I will also seek higher education... At Krusty's Clown College. It's been my life long dream and I've always been a natural when it comes to pie throwing. But as stated before it was a joyous occasion and I'll have to post some pictures of it. But for now, here's a picture one of her friends took during the ceremony. Smile!

Oh, wait, that's not it. Here you go, my bad.

You're Going Up The River, Sawdust For Brains

So Paris Hilton is surprised she's going to jail. After getting stopped three times while driving on a suspended license. Three times. Let my black ass get stopped once for supposedly having a tail light out and I have to sit in my car for the better part of an hour as officers call for back up and run my license and plates. Never mind the fact that the light wasn't out. Her mom even had the nerve to complain that the system doesn't work. No shit. That's why it took three times for her to be in any real trouble. These rich assholes don't understand how many breaks they are given and still want to gripe about the lot that's cast. The bitch knew her license was suspended. She even signed a slip showing she acknowledged the suspension. But hell, what are you gonna do. Wynonna Ryder never even saw a jail cell after stealing $6,000.00 worth of merchandise. With her rich ass. Let me get caught with a candy bar I didn't pay for and I'll be sitting in a federal prison without access to a lawyer for supporting terrorism. I just better remember to plead the fif.

Update- That bitch was caught driving again, after she has already been sentenced to jail time for doing just that. I don't think the judge was off the mark when she said Paris had no regard for the law.

Every Video Game Should Have A Photo Mode

Like these pictures I took on Metal Gear Solid 2. That's my boy 'Ol Gimpy.

Tell 'em how it is Gimpy! Say it right!

I love it. I just wish every game had a mode like this. That's part of the reason I love GT4 so much. That and the... rest of game, I guess.